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2023-04-03 08:20:15 By : Ms. Tracy Zhang

Despite being completely natural, body hair continues to be taboo, especially for women, many of whom feel compelled to get it shaved or waxed, every few days. But while most know how to deal with hair on their legs and arms, many are still unsure of the best and safest way to remove pubic hair.

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“How you remove or choose whether to remove your pubic hair or not is your prerogative,” dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth wrote on Instagram, sharing how the various hair removal methods impact the sensitive skin in intimate areas.

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One of the most common methods of hair removal, shaving is not the best choice, according to the dermatologist. “Shaving can lead to small micro-cuts in the skin which leads to infection. Reverse shaving also causes ingrown hair. If you have bumps in your pubic area then do not shave.”

However, if you still wish to shave, do it only in the direction of hair.

Waxing is every girl’s nightmare as it is the most painful way of hair removal. The expert said, “It can lead to burns if not done correctly. Waxing can also lead to ingrown hair as the hair gets broken under the skin and starts growing inwards.”

She advised against using hair removal creams as they may cause allergies and darkening of the pubic area. “The pubic area is exposed to moisture and friction. Any kind of irritation in the area tends to linger on for longer and cause darkening,” Dr Panth explained.

Trimmer or clipping with scissors

While this method may not give you smooth hairless skin, it is the most painless and hassle-free way to remove hair. Explaining the method, she said, “Always trim in the direction of hair. You can use a sanitiser to wipe the cutting surfaces of these devices to prevent chances of infection. Always store in a dry area to prevent rusting.”

She suggested being careful while using scissors and using your non-dominant hand as the guide.

If you want to opt for a more permanent option, then laser hair reduction is a good choice, the expert said. “There is a common notion that laser hair reduction is either very painful or very expensive in the bikini area. Neither of that is true. Numbing cream can be used in people who are very pain sensitive. As this is a reduction and not removal, there may be thin downy hair remaining, usually on the inner side of the labia. As the hair in this area are thick, results with laser are very good.”

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